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hand formed porcelain jewellery

Gold seashells

crystal-embellshed porcelain earrings with organic texture
organic porcelain earrings

Adorned with crystals...

Moon necklace


Jewellery dishes

Nature inspired charms

Trinket dishes

Handmade porcelain charms

  • 14k gold chain with porcelaun seashells, handmade necklace from decorella (7).jpeg
  • 14k gold chain with porcelaun seashells, handmade necklace from decorella (3).jpeg
  • porcelain earrings, decorella jewellery (3).jpeg
  • porcelain earrings, decorella ceramic jewellery (5)
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    truly handmade porcelain charms from decorella

    • greatly inspired by organic shapes and textures we find in nature 
    • created for women who appreciate unique designs
    • porcelain is a natural and sustainable material and will last a lifetime
    ceramic jewellery black and gold

    Black and gold porcelain earrings 


    follow your bliss...

    black ceramic dish for jewellery or candles
    perfect for candles or your trinkets

    Black and gold porcelain dish

    ceramic dish with flamingo design
    cute flamingos !!!

    Pink flamingo trinket dish

    • handmade porcelain ceramic jewellery and ceramic dishes • free standard delivery on all UK jewellery orders •

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    gold chain earrings with moons


    white porcelain earings with crystals


    decorella - handmade porcleian ceramic jewellery


    Each pendant is handmade and unique made with great attention to detail. Inspired by nature as much as by London’s urban spaces.

    This jewellery is for women who appreciate uniquely designed pieces which allow them to feel distinct from anyone else.

    Stand out from the crowd! Be unique!

    Why porcelain jewellery?

    Nowedays we all have to be concious about what we buy, what we use, how we use things and for how long those things are going to be with us.

    Fine jewellery from gold, silver or gemstones is almost eternal!

    And so is porcelain. It is natural and sustainable material. Beautiful pure white colour and the famous translucency.

    Ceramic jewellery will last for ever and ever.

    read about decorella ethical brand

    Ethical approach

    Find out how about our ethical approach regarding business, materials and packaging.

    kissing couple necklace

    Kissing couple necklaces

    Unique necklaces - cooperation with a natural beauty brand. 

    custom made jewellery, London

    Custom orders

    Bespoke jewellery set, custom earrings, necklace or bracelet, made to order gift  designed in London just for you.