THE BOUTQUE IS NOW CLOSED UNTIL END OF JULY. I will spend this time in my ceramic studio and I now accept custom orders - please message me if you wish anything special. Follow me on instagram for any studio updates on Beautiful, handmade and unique gifts for women. . Charm bracelets, gold and silver earrings and necklaces.

decorella - unique porcelain jewellery & ceramic dishes.

Gifts for women

ocean inspired earrings with gold shells

Porcelain charms

Handmade gifts

Trinket dishes

ceramic dishes

Fine porcelain.

New pieces:

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Gold seashells

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14k gold porcelain earrings

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Large round discs

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Silver charm bracelet

hand formed porcelain jewellery

Liquid gold disc earrings.

Porcelain adorned with crystals.

Seashell necklace.

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    truly handmade porcelain charms from decorella

    • greatly inspired by organic shapes and textures we find in nature 
    • created for women who appreciate unique designs
    • porcelain is a natural and sustainable material and will last a lifetime

    decorella - unique porcelain jewellery & ceramic dishes.

    Fine artisan jewellery for women