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decorella - modern handmade jewellery


Contemporary porcelain jewellery combined with 14k gold, sterling silver, leather and crystals.  
Each pendant is handmade and unique, create with great attention to detail.

Magda Buschmann is the designer and maker, she draws a lot of inspiration from the nature and also from the streets of London. She likes to experiment applying different kind of textures on porcelain clay and likes to combine porcelain clay with different types of materials.

Her fresh and modern take on ceramic jewellery is a result of big love for nature, trying to lead a balanced life in a big city with a touch of natural luxury.

Her jewellery is for women who appreciate uniquely designed pieces which allow them to feel different from anyone else. Stand out from the crowd!

Original gifts for unique women.

Be different.

I choose quality, durability and originality, how about you?

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don't try to fit in when you were born to stand out


Uniquely designed hand crafted pieces for someone who appreciates the
feeling of daily touch of luxury strongly connected with the nature.
Inspired by organic textures taken from the nature and then transformed the into porcelain jewellery pieces.
On most of decorella's designs you will find patterns of sea shells, coral reef and volcanic rocks, dry fruits and other organic materials.
Your daily touch of natural beauty.

porcelain clay

We use quality porcelain clay known for sturdiness , pure white colour and translucency.

Porcelain obtains stone-like quality after firing up to 1260C. It’s beautiful and sustainable material and the jewellery will last a lifetime.

The creating of porcelain pendants it’s an interesting process which requires diligence, patience and great attention to detail.

It starts with designing ,modelling, retouching, first firing, glazing and firing again.

Contemporary, swanky and unique pieces of jewellery for independent, strong women

Contemporary, swanky and unique pieces of jewellery for independent, strong women who would like to be distinguished from the crowd.