Treat your loved ones with handmade gifts

hand crafted seashells, made of porcelain
white ceramic dish splashed with black and gold  can be used as trinket or candle dish
best quality porcelain dish

Handmade ceramic dishes.

New collection of porcelain dishes. Organically shaped, irregular yet stylish and elegant.

If you are looking for ethical gift  made of sustainable material - you are in the right place. Those lovely multipurpouse dishes can serve as candle holders, trinkets and small items storage.

black ceramic clay dish with gold edges, organically shaped
black porcelain organically shaped

Bespoke jewellery

Transforming your ideas into unique jewellery pieces for every day or special occasion. With porcelain we need to be very precise but it  allows us to create different kind of shapes!  Get in touch!

On those pictures you can see little porcelain shells dipped in liquid gold, together with 14k gold filled components to became charm bracelet and dangle earrings for our lovely customer - friend.

gold bracelet with white shells made of porcelain