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I collaborate with fantastic independent brands that offer high-quality products, mostly much, much better than big high street brands.

The people behind them will treat you in a very special way.

I personally vouch for the products and service of these brands because I know their founders very well and use their products myself.

Their approach to business ethics is impeccable and I know that the products they sell/use come from the best ethical sources.

They have been kind enough to share  discount codes for you.đź’•


ELAN SKINCARE - holistic and Science-Based Beauty and Wellbeing

'Integrity and honesty, these are not empty words for us. We believe we can work every day, perfecting what we do and growing at our own pace. We believe that by creating quality products, serving our customers to our best ability, being honest and open, we can achieve success. We do not want to create a marketing illusion."  - discount code: FABULOUS20 - gives 20% discount.

SYLWIA KUNYSZ Makeup Artist - Bridal, Personal Branding & Makeup Lessons and more.

'I believe that my passion for makeup and beautifying the faces should bring only joy and do no harm to anyone – my kit is 100% cruelty free. I have started to introduce my clients to the idea of non-toxic beauty. The majority of products in my kit are natural, organic and vegan. I use products from niche brands that use high-quality ingredients and support themselves with the best available technologies."

Click here for Makeup Lesson offfer - discount code 6S2EJ3CX - gives you 15% discount